Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Bring It! May 12, 2010

I love getting twisted with my gays. In fact, the gay “twist” is why I love my gays so damn much. Anything and everything gets that much better when it’s gayer.

Since I was raised by circuit queens under a disco ball, I’m not the kind of girl you’d typically find two-steppin at a county fair. But the Castro County Fair, taking place in the Armory on May 23, has me all excited about rockin my cowboy boots and hosting a good old-fashioned Kissing Booth for the AIDS Emergency Fund. (Please come by for a Brokeback-style smooch!) The best part, of course, is that there’s nothing traditional about it. With the gays, charity can be silly, naughty, and worthy all at the same time.

Like when I proudly accept the title of Ms. Heartthrob 2010 at The Eagle on May 27, an honor being bestowed upon me by the Castro Lions. Community service clubs like the Lions are probably pretty tame outside the gaytopia known as San Francisco, but here we’ll be raising money for Lyon-Martin Health Services with a “Big Ass Party” at a leather bar featuring gender-delusional musical entertainment.

And Memorial Day isn’t really a holiday that speaks to me personally, my respect for men in uniform notwithstanding. To my mind, it marks the beginning of summer more than anything, but thanks to the gay twist, it’s now a weekend I look forward to each year.

The holiday once known as “Decoration Day” (now that’s how to sell it to the gays!) kicks off on Friday, May 28, with Gay Day Great America, where I’ll be performing on Heklina’s Trannyshack stage and riding rollercoasters with my drag mama Charisma Glitteratti.

Saturday the 29th, I’ll be dancing it out at Ceremony with DJ Tony Moran (produced in perfect partnership by DJ Luke Johnstone and Gus Presents). And Sunday the 30th I’ll be doing a double-header (also a very gay concept!), at Fresh with DJ Manny Lehman followed by one of my very favorite parties of all, Sanctuary, this time with DJs David Knapp and Luke Johnstone.

Don’t get it twisted. I’m sure straight people think they’re having fun, too. But I say, if there’s a way to make it gay, then BRING IT!

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