Friday, May 28, 2010

Bring It! May 28, 2010

A word that seems to be buzzing in my ears lately is community. Maybe it’s just the rainbow-fueled kumbaya that sweeps over us every year around Pride – after all, we do live in the gayest city on earth! - but in all sincerity, I’m seeing and feeling community everywhere right now.

Take the Castro County Fair, an event that almost mocks traditional ideas about community, even as it reinvents and improves them. There in the midst of the pie contest and the two-stepping, tours departed hourly, a spanking booth made its debut, and a climbing wall was scaled by drag queens in heels.

City Supervisor Bevan Dufty, our future gay mayor, bounced down an inflatable slide with his daughter before heading out to a chili cook-off for charity. I love how San Francisco turns conventional concepts inside out, rebelliously yet respectfully making them our own.

At Nasty, the fun-raiser I host on first Fridays at The Powerhouse, the close quarters make it a bar where everybody knows your name, but there’s an aspect of it that’s more like a church social. It is truly a community gathering, and we just happen to take care of our own by passing around Crisco cans instead of an offering plate.

San Francisco is a small town in all the best ways. We intentionally limit our worldview to the Castro and SOMA. And at some level, we really do know one another just from seeing each other “round the way.” We are all “six degrees of ejaculation” away from one another – it’s funny because it’s true - yet there’s a sense of security that comes from knowing each other so intimately, for better or for worse.

My favorite part of the word community is the last part: unity. Each of us, for our own reasons, has chosen to live inside this beautiful bubble. Collectively, we take pride in knowing that we’re really not like the rest of society. We willfully fear and shun the world beyond our borders, taking comfort in our glittery isolation.

Here in Oz, we have an endless supply of unique, quirky and proudly gay ways to commune with one another. Here’s where I’ll be trying to do just that next…

June 4 – Nasty at The Powerhouse
June 5 – Adonis with DJs Brett Henrichsen & Lee Decker at Club NV
June 6 – Marlena’s Dragathon and Flagging in the Park
June 12 – DJs Manny Lehman and Wayne G at Wonderland, LA Pride

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