Boy Beats

Some might find it a bit jarring that a column called Boy Beats is written by a girl, but that’s just another “only in San Francisco” moment for Suzan Revah, AKA the Original Fag Hag.

Having literally spent her life on the dancefloor, specifically gay dancefloors, Suzan is perhaps not an expert on the art and science of the DJ craft, but she is undoubtedly an expert on how that mixmaster magic is received under the disco ball. Boy Beats is her take on how experiencing rather than just listening to dance music feeds the soul and fuels the spirit.

Suzan’s love for dance with a heaping helping of glitter, glam, and giggles is perfectly at home in San Francisco, where she sleeps very little but shakes her groove thing a lot, whether it’s on a gogo box, backing up drag queens, or in the midst of an ocean of shirtless men, her personal favorite.

As a veteran of gay dance clubs (hence her nickname, “Circuit Suzy”), she takes pride in knowing her place among the boys. (More to come on that subject in an upcoming book she is writing about gay boyfriends.) Suzan also prides herself on knowing when and how to bring it when the DJ is delivering, and is a fixture of the San Francisco scene.

She is known as the Cruise Director among the boys she rallies persistently, mercilessly, and shamelessly to the dancefloor each and every weekend, forever reminding them how integral the circuit was and is to the gay sense of community and culture she holds so dear.

Her weekly Cruise Director Alert is a personal overview of San Francisco ’s nightlife scene, emphasizing the diversity and openness that drew Suzan to San Francisco from her native Washington , DC , over a decade ago. She thrives on making “rainbow connections” among the city’s spectrum of subcultures, promoting good causes, positive energy, and the idea that we really can all just get along.

A onetime journalist who has worked as an editor for national newspapers, magazines, and websites, Suzan describes own personal diversity as “corporate whore by day, circuit whore by night.” With Boy Beats, she is thrilled and honored to combine her deepest loves and seasoned skills to share her unique perspective on the BPMs that serve as the heartbeat for the unique San Francisco lifestyle.

Look for Boy Beats to bring you interviews with DJs you know and DJs you don’t, whether they spin in San Francisco or beyond. There will be no hating, only appreciating, of the boys behind the beats and how grateful we are to them for providing the soundtrack to our “only in San Francisco ” lives.

DJ Abel

Andre Shannon

Erasure's Andy Bell

Connie Casserole


Frank Wild

Jamie J Sanchez

Joe Gauthreaux

Joe Hickerson

Kimberly S

Lee Decker

Luke Johnstone

Matt Consola

Moto Blanco

Peter Rauhofer


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