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Ejector's First Sight of Red video

Suzan Revah


A memorable day with Ejector produced this sexy,
haunting, and beautiful video. Gotta love Ejector's unique blend of leather, glitter,
and goth (not to mention HUGE talent!). Perfectly San Fransexual and utterly fabulous.
I ♥ them!

Beatin Around the Bush with Clair at El Rio

Suzan Revah


Check out me and Joanna playing the part of rock n' roll
lipstick lezzos! (I know, rolling around on the floor with each other isn't much
of a stretch for us, but during daylight hours at El Rio instead of under the disco
ball in the middle of the night was, and so was performing for an audience of womyn
instead of circuit gurrls!) Huge props and love to our
yoga teacher and San Franspiritual guru, Maria Stanford, for inviting us to back
her up on her birthday. She's hella FIERCE, in that Om Shanti kinda way.

Diva at Industry

Suzan Revah


Beyonce is my favorite diva of all, so getting to bring a Blaxploitation version
of her fierce song and video to the stage at Industry amounted to pure circuit fantasy.
Race Cooper and Lemiron Stallings made my silly afro look so good, and DJ Jamie
J Sanchez gave us a hot remix, as well as a cheer from behind the decks. Special
thanks to DJ Luke Johnstone for providing the opportunity, and to my Daddy Woofy
for providing the video.

Umbrella on the Fresh Catwalk

Suzan Revah


This is what it looks like when a lifelong fag hag dies and goes to heaven. It's
my 38th birthday and I'm working the catwalk at San Francisco's finest circuit party,
with disco ball in hand. My name goes up on the screen and my friends below start
cheering, just as the DJ plays Rihanna's "Umbrella." Totally epic. Totally
unforgettable. Thanks to everyone who came out and made my glittery dreams come
true, and thanks to Randy Moore for the video...

Vogue on the Fresh Gogo Box

Suzan Revah


You know you're a hard-core fag hag when... Your birthday looks like a scene out
of Queer as Folk, and you are lovin it, certain that you're livin the dream. This
is a long clip, and clearly I'm a faux voguer, but really? It's my birthday and
I'm gogo dancin at San Francisco's best circuit party, and Madonna is playing, and
my San Framily is cheering me on? A Kim English song comes to mind... "When
I look around, I cannot take for granted. Things given to me, the favor I've been
handed. All the miracles, and wonders I have witnessed. I do not guess - I know
that I am truly blessed!" Special thanks to Randy Moore for the video.

A Rumba with a Female Twist at Dancing with the Drag Queen Stars

Suzan Revah


Curious thing, being a female drag queen, or what’s commonly known in San Francisco
as a “faux queen.” I was thrilled and flattered by the invitation to join/compete
against my drag “sisters” in this fabulous spin-off of the TV series. My lifetime
of dance training hardly prepared for the truly terrifying prospect of partner dancing
with Emily, a Latin ballroom champion and pro. We had only 5 hours to put together
a proper rumba, and right up until we hit the stage, she was still reminding me
not to look down and to take smaller steps. Fortunately, our “pussy power” chemistry
carried the day and I advanced to the finalist round. Judge Bruce Vilanch gave me
a perfect score of 10 and Cheryl Burke said I had great technique, so I feel like
a winner already!

Suzan Swoons for Jesus

Suzan Revah


Another memorable moment from Dancing with the Drag Stars...
Jesus will be one of the pros performing in the August 8 finals round, but unfortunately
he won't be my partner. This faux queen's gonna have a whole new twist, leaving
you to guess, who's the boy and who's the girl?

Xavier Toscano's Nas-T-Nize Video

Suzan Revah


Xavier Toscano is one of my very favorite artists to work with. He’s perfectly adorable, and one of the hardest working talents I know. I’m proud to say this is the third video of his I’m featured in, and I try to perform with him every chance I get because he’s a total pro and treats his fellow performers so right. And there’s always a fun surprise in it for me. I never expected to be cast as the “cage girl” in this video, but I was inspired by the opportunity to treat The Stud like my personal jungle gym and, true to form, Xavier made it work.

Single Ladies at Gay Day Great America

Suzan Revah


 Gay Day Great America is about bringing the glitter and glam of San Francisco to the Bay Area masses, and who better to do that with than Charisma Glitterati and Beyonce! This amusement-park performance was the peak of a long day that included more than a few rollercoasters, and with just a few head flips it restored some whack karma that had resulted in a long if unintentional hiatus for this Dreamgirls-inspired threesome. Being Single Ladies with my favorite dancing girls and sharing the stage with Heklina, Dixie Longate, The Perry Twins, and Erasures Andy Bell made me happy and gay in every way!

Are You Satisfied at Industry

Suzan Revah


Nothing gets me more inspired than playing the part of Angry Diva for a crowd of circuit boys. Except for if I get to play it with my best friends and at one of my favorite clubs! My Baby Boy Steven Satyricon rocks the role of letcherous deadbeat ex-boyfriend, while Race Cooper nails the part of my hot new love. My girls Joanna Parks and Charisma Glitterati have my back the whole time, and we dance it out! Big thanks to DJ Luke Johnstone,'s Rico Ocampo, and my Daddy Woofy Troy Arnold, for the inspiration, the opportunity, and the video.

Dance 2Night at International Ms. Leather

Suzan Revah


The Original Fag Hag and Mr. SF Leather 2007 try to work out who's the boy and who's the girl at International Ms. Leather 2009. (Thanks to Andres Campos and Darren Cutlip for the video!)

Give It To Me Right at the Bare Chest Finals

Suzan Revah


Pinch me, I’m dreaming. Performing at the Bare Chest Finals on May 5, 2009 with two of the finest leathermen dancers I know, and I get to take the lead? And the song is called “Give it to Me Right (Or Don’t Give it to Me at All)”? Yes please! I have so many favorite parts I don’t even know where to begin, and the layers of subtext are positively delicious. Big thanks to Travis Creston and Coop Anderson for the sizzling creative chemistry, and for letting me live out a sweet, sexy fantasy on a very friendly stage for a very worthy cause, the AIDS Emergency Fund.

Poker Face at Industry

Suzan Revah


Charisma Glitterati goes Gaga at Industry, with Devin Demand and Suzan Revah backing her up on a hot remix of Poker Face. Charisma has made this song her own, and her choreography was catburglar fierce. Mama shows the kids how to serve up the diva! 

White Party 2009

Suzan Revah


The outdoor T-dance and this bouncy slide are among the best reasons to go to White Party Palm Springs. They are also the reason why I have huge rubber burns on my shoulder and on my ass. For the second year in a row. Unquestionably worth it! :)

Faith at Play T Dance

Suzan Revah


What's more fun than playing the role of Drag Diva for a crowd of smiling boys, with my besties backing me up as Cheerleaders and Hooligans, and with my two Big Daddies from Atlanta flying in to join us on stage as Bearrific Rugby Players? The entire amazing experience gave me Faith, Hope, Heart & Soul. Thank you to everyone at PLAY for the opportunity!

Show & Tell

Suzan Revah


My debut as homosociologist to Janine Shiota's homosocialite as we introduce Love My Gays to Sister Roma and Bebe Sweetbriar at their Show & Tell talk show, by dishing about all the gays we've loved before...


Find more videos like this on (Where the Boys Are!)




Circus at Industry

Suzan Revah


Some people celebrate the holidays by going to church and cooking a turkey. Others spread holiday cheer with gogo boys, porn stars, and Britney Spears. I dunno, I was feeling pretty blessed sharing the stage with my girl Charisma and discovering the poignancy of the lyrics to "Circus." Big thanks to Industry and TobyGo for the opportunity!


Xavier Toscano's Mighty Real Video

Suzan Revah


It isn't every day a hot young latin pop star asks you to play the role of Disco Dominatrix in a video for a song that samples one of your all-time disco favorites. I was deathly ill with flu this day, but still had the time of my life getting Mighty Real for Xavier Toscano. 

Candy Shop at Trannyshack's Addicted To Porn Night

Suzan Revah


Just another Tuesday night in San Francisco! Charisma Glitterati lines up the porn boys (Wolf Hudson, Kai Ford, and Dominic Pacifico) for a one-stop shop of fierceness at Trannyshack's Addicted to Porn night, hosted by ChiChi LaRue on the eve of San Francisco's Gay Pride celebration. Joanna Parks and I get to be whorehouse attendants on stage with all our pals, to a Madonna soundtrack about candy, AND we got a front-row seat to all the filthy, candy-coated, boy-on-boy action. What's more fun than that?


Work at Gay Day Great America

Suzan Revah


Perhaps my biggest gig to date, and with my bestest friends in the mix. On May 23, we opened for America's Gaysian Sweetheart Alec Mapa at Gay Day Great America. Here we do our rendition of Kelly Rowland's "Work," with Miss Gay and Miss Desperate Divas Bebe Sweetbriar doing a spot-on impersonation, while Joanna Parks and I put our house-dance lessons to good use in the background. Steven Satyricon does a damn good job of acting like a letcherous straight guy. A fabulous time was had by all!


Mister Sandman at Trannyshack's Scary Movie Night

Suzan Revah


I'm actually really scared of scary movies, but having the chance to back up former Miss Trannyshack Raya Light in this adorable spoof of Mister Sandman -- and getting to do it with my best dancing girls Joanna and Charisma -- had me giggling through the gore. You can't really tell from the video, but we get totally covered in blood during the musical interlude. I found myself screaming involuntarily!

Bedtime Story at Trannyshack's Madonna Night

Suzan Revah


Can't help but love Madonna, so performing at the Trannyshack's Madonna Tribute Night was a privilege, not to mention a crazy-fun transcendental trip. Charisma Glitterati brought the fierceness to Bedtime Stories, and Eric, the naughtiest Glitterati boy of all, brought the gore and drama as the awakening nightmare vampire. Ryan the acid-tripping dreamer stayed asleep the whole time, while Joanna and I twirled and twinkled as dream gypsies and tried not to smile. Let's get unconscious!

Journey to the Centre of Your Heart


Primadonna Reed goes Primadonna Summers at the Monster Show's Classic Divas Night. Backing her up are Hustlerinas Joanna Parks and Suzan Revah, working in The Hustle, The LA Locke, The Bus Stop, The Funky Chicken, The Egg Beater, The Travolta, and every other fabulous disco cliche we could think of!


The Launch Party at Jet

Suzan Revah


Thank goodness I work so close to the Castro, so I can escape my cubicle and instead spend the afternoon filming a promotional video for The Launch Party, filmed on location at JET in the Castro by Amir Jaffer of Aisha Media, and meeting one of the gogoboys I'll be dancing with at this monthly T-dance being hosted by Bebe Sweetbriar. All I knew about Steven Satyricon then was that he was delicious, though not my usual type (blond, tall, sweet), which is why I was so taken aback when he flashed me an impish grin upon recognizing me. I didn't recognize him at first, but apparently I had climbed atop this gogoboy before (big surprise), on the dancefloor at Fresh. Steven wasn't sure it was me at first because on this day my hair is down and wild, whereas on the dancefloor it's always restrained and adorned with flowers. He's a doll, and then I start recognizing his tattoos because we also work out at the same gym and apparently I've cruised him before. We're mutually thrilled that we'll be dancing together, and we're giggling and squealing about all the fun events coming up for the weekend. I am swooning, especially in what was the last shot of the day, in the "first-class" area of the airline-themed party. It is being filmed on a pole. I'm scared, thinking a girl could really hurt herself, but Steven is game and I can't resist. We climb on, and all over and around and under each other, until we are wet and panting. Not bad for a Tuesday afternoon, and I got a bonus cardio workout, too!

Gimme Shoes (Britney vs. Kelly) at Bootie

Suzan Revah


Backin up my baby Steven Satyricon with my boo Joanna Parks, along with boys from SF Boylesque (Bryce & Mista) at Bootie, a mash-up party at DNA Lounge. That's Bootie's Ya-Ya matching Steven's dead-on Kelly with a fierce doped-up Britney. So much fun!

Don't Tell Mama at Marlena's

Suzan Revah


Joanna Parks and I get to be Kit Kat Cabaret girls with Charisma Glitterati at Marlena's in support of Mercedez Munro's campaign for Empress. Bringin the Fosse brought the giggles from us every time. We love Charisma so much, and how much do we love John, AKA Erykah Daye Munro, giving us the sweetest fag hag shout-out at the end? Squee!

Freak Show at Jet

Suzan Revah


Didn't realize we'd be risking life and limb by backing up our beloved Charisma Glitterati at the Fire & ICE Launch Party, the Castro T-dance where I'm a resident gogo with Gerrad Bohl, here seen as ice angel. Joanna Parks knows her way around the railing that literally hangs by a loose screw, but Steven, AKA Baby Chase, works it like a stripper pole, causing my audible scream at 50 seconds, which is also when the camera turns right side up. We made it work.

Candyman at Trannyshack's Pop Tarts Night

Suzan Revah


When Charisma Glitterati calls asking you to make her cherry pop in a Christina Aguilera number, you don't say no, especially when you get to play the role of Slutty Sailorette with Joanna Parks and climb all over Sultry Sailors Eric, Jose, and Paul on Pop Tarts night at the Trannyshack. Plus, we might have set a new record for the number of people on stage at The Stud in a single number.


I'm kind of hidden in most of that last clip, but here's another angle...

Xavier Toscano's Tonight, Tonight Video

Suzan Revah


I don't think I was meant to be cast as the angry lesbian, but it turned out that way because I had so much fun getting into character in support of super-cutie Xavier Toscano. I didn't even know at the time that gorgeous Gerrad Bohl, an actual actor as well as a hot gogo I've had the pleasure of dancing with, was cast in the video as well. I also had the pleasure of working with filmmaker and director Amir Jeffer of Aisha Media, who made it easy to pretend like I knew what I was doing.

Defying Gravity at the Miss Gay San Francisco Pageant

Suzan Revah


Charisma Glitterati fierced the Miss Gay San Francisco pageant with her Wicked talent number. My Glittery Glinda gets taken out by winged monkeys in leather, while Charisma's Elfaba defies gravity.

Left Outside Alone at Desperate Divas

Suzan Revah


Heklina introduces Bebe Sweetbriar's talent number in the 2007 Desperate Divas Grand Drag Pageant, the crowning moment of the AIDS Housing Alliance of San Francisco's calendar and fundraiser. It's a crowning moment for me personally because, not only do I get to support Bebe, who won the Miss Desperate Divas crown that night, but in the wings working the curtains with huge smiles on their faces are my Big Daddies from Hotlanta, who were in town for the weekend celebrating their Boy Bachelor Bash, which began the night before at Boy Bar with many of the Desperate Divas girls and a bevy of gogo boys, and climaxed in a glittery, leather explosion of love at the Folsom Street Fair the next day. It was a spectacular sendoff for them as they departed for Toronto to get legally married. Don't even get me started about how unjust it is that they couldn't actually get married in San Francisco.

Listen at the Marlena's Dragathon

Suzan Revah


This video marks a special moment not only because I got to fulfill my fantasy of being Beyonce for a few minutes, but because doing it caught the eye of Miss Bebe Sweetbriar, and I've been dancing by her side ever since. I'd participated in the Marlena's Dragathon for years out of a sense of duty instilled in me by my Fairy Godfather Walter, a member of the Castro Lions, the gayborhood charity this event supports, but this may the actual moment of my coming out as a drag queen. Many thanks to beloved Domonick, who (fiercely!) joined me in dragging for a good cause and provided the video clip, and to beloved Steven, his partner, who made it You Tube-friendly for me.

My Trannyshack Debut at Fractured Fairy Tales Night

Suzan Revah


Just when I thought I was too old to have a new trick, my dear friend Hysterica (then Erica Candy Cane) asked me to be part of his high-concept number at Trannyshack's Fractured Fairy Tales night. I was honored and thrilled to play Alice Lolita to Eric's Caterpillar on Mushroom, and to share the whole experience with Slave Boy Andy as the Hot Hookah.


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