“"Her support, smile, energy, and HOT LOOKS are a big factor in what makes ALL our events so special."”
— Gus Bean, Gus Presents (www.guspresents.com)

“She could drag the queen out of anyone.”
— David McDonald

“She built us a circuit party!”
— Lee Hamrick

“Anytime anyone asks why I like to visit San Francisco so often, I simply say 'Have you met Suzan?' If you have, you don't have to ask that question.”
— John Dorman

“You have this “glow” that is infectious, and you have very quickly become a very big part of what is fun and fantastic about San Francisco nightlife! We’re lucky to have beautiful people like you walk through our doors! We so appreciate your support, we appreciate your positivity, we appreciate your energy, we appreciate your spirit and we’re in awe of your ability to unite. You’re in it because you love it.” ”
— -Mike Lane, Fresh SF

“She's a party in a can, just like Sofia champagne!”
— Lizzi (aka Ganja Girl)

“Thanks for all the work you do to keep us boys current on the goings-on in this fantastic city, and for keeping us fabulously accessorized. You, Circuit Girl, make us look extra sexy and always create a fun time. ”
— Daniel SF

“She has unparalleled skils of fabulization.”
— Sean Timberlake

“I always know I'm in the gayest spot in San Francisco when Suzan Revah walks in the door.”
— Paul Festa

“And I thought I was gay!”
— Michael Smith

“"If I'm going to get groped by a girl while I'm blindfolded on the dance floor, there's no girl I'd rather it be than Suzan Revah!"”
— Andy Lax, SF