Friday, November 23, 2007

Bring It! November 23, 2007

I was so beyond grateful that I got to spend this Thanksgiving with my San Framily, it got me thinking about all the only-in-San Francisco things that make me so thankful I live here (and spend every cent of my disposable income on decadence and frivolity).

Twisted fag hag that I am, I often see the city’s club scene as a metaphor for life. It changes and evolves constantly, and people love to wax sentimental about the good old days, but I’m in a mood to appreciate the here and now.

These days, we have to give to get. Our smaller but more numerous clubs live and die over what we’re willing to bring to the table. Some weeks we’re satisfied, and others we go hungry, but we never have a night off, which means we always have more than enough.

When I have a wildly different take than friends at the same club dancing to the same music, it’s a reminder that there really is something for every dance queen in this town of plenty. The dark and spare beats that do nothing for me obviously scratch an itch for others, probably the same guys who roll their eyes when the screaming divas set me off on the dancefloor.

This give and take is a good thing, exposing us beyond our comfort zone, and keeping us honest about our love of diversity. I say if you can’t be at the club you love, honey, love the clubs you’re at. Keep on bringing it and making the best of it, and eventually you’ll get yours.

Coming up on November 30, I’m trying out Paradise, an all-night disco party at Mezzanine with an 18-piece live band. On December 2 I’ll do my best to get into the frosty spirit of Winter Wonderland Matinee at Temple, and December 5 I’ll be dishing with all the other GLOSS columnists at Lime. I’m especially looking forward to December 9, when I’ll be dancing on the gogo box at The Launch Party at JET, my favorite T-dance in the Gayborhood. I always get the happy vibe I’m looking for there, and with cohosts Bebe Sweetbriar and Heklina raising money for the AIDS Housing Alliance SF, having a good time there means also supporting a good cause, and that’s as good as it gets!

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