Friday, December 11, 2009

Bring It! December 11, 2009

Like the facets of a disco ball, a shiny new year offers a great way to reflect.

Like at an epic dance party, so much happens in a year that it’s hard to keep track while it’s happening. It’s only when you finally sit down and pop a bottle of champagne (woo hoo!) that you realize how much you’ve been through and how much better you are for it.

I’m reflecting on a huge year personally, and it ended with a bang at Black XXXmas, one of my favorite dance parties of the year. This time around, I got the living-the-dream pleasure of performing in between two of my favorite DJs, Luke Johnstone and Abel, and in between two of my dearest members of The Pussy Posse, Travis Creston and Joanna Parks.

A lot of people go to church on Christmas, and my going to the dancefloor instead isn’t that different. My fellow circuit queens feel me when I say that sometimes I’m convinced “god” is in what the DJ serves up, in that ecstatic moment when you hear a “hymn” that speaks to you and to exactly where you are in your life.

The “church music” the Pussy Posse performed to at Black XXXmas was a song called “Believe,” and it’s a perfect anthem for the true joy of being gay.

To be what ya wanna be
To go where ya need to go in life
To do the things you need to do for yourself
All ya gotta do is believe.

That’s as good as gospel for everything that makes San Francisco the best place on earth, a place where I feel proud to live, and blessed to bring it wherever and however the spirit moves me.

Do what ya wanna do
To do what ya need to do
To do all that will make you happy in your life
All ya gotta do is believe in yourself.

Where else can a girl be the gayest man she knows among all her beloved gays, perform at parties she lives to be at with all her beloved gays, and host fun parties that support the communities and causes of all her beloved gays?

I love my gays in so many ways I can’t even speak to them all here, and I want to know more about all the ways you love being gay, too. Please come to!

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