Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Bring It! April 14, 2010

A huge circuit party weekend like White Party Palm Springs is an opportunity to take the beauty of our San Francisco bubble on the road, a chance to embrace and enforce our gayest groove.

Going on tour with San Framily is an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure. It brings us closer while letting us show the rest of the world’s gays how it’s done here over the rainbow.

Racing between a dozen parties in a single weekend, events unfold in random and rapid episodes, leaving no choice but to let go and go with the flow. That’s when the magic happens, despite the madness, and the song that followed me around the dancefloors of the desert says it best:

“Wait for the release, can ya feel the beat? It’s got me right down in my soul and I’m about to lose control.”

The extreme conditions and controlled chaos of the circuit create moments of inspired connection, moments that wouldn’t or couldn’t happen any other way. It’s these moments that keep us coming back to the ritual and release of the dancefloor, and what makes the circuit so life-affirming and so addicting.

“Release me. Set me free. Let the fire burn in me.”

Circuit weekends make my gay flame burn more brightly. When kindred spirits gather to spill their souls onto the dancefloor, a support system and safety net is being built, beat by beat. The disco brotherhood sets the stage for losing control, and for releasing yourself from the struggles of every day life.

Ultimately, life is about experience, and a circuit party weekend is an overwhelming one. The sweat lodge of sex, surrender, and survival is the best kind of sensory overload, and like with so many other things, gays do it better than anyone, with unmatched scale and style.

The circuit has a long history of making room in our busy, stressful lives for full self-expression and total freedom. As silly and shallow as it might seem to the uninitiated, the community of acceptance and belonging that releases itself under the disco ball refreshes and recharges.

The round-the-clock party puts your stamina and your sanity to the test, but the rewards are priceless. Like when you find yourself in a huddle of kisses with your closest friends while fireworks explode overhead, collectively howling at the moon and even weeping from unspeakable joy.

Before you’ve even washed off the weekend’s glitter, friendships are cemented and plans for the next circuit pilgrimage are made. Reality returns soon enough, but when you follow the yellow brick road back to Oz, you appreciate anew how we keep it real and keep it gay every minute of every day.

There’s a certain sense of security that comes from knowing we left our hearts in San Francisco, where there’s barely a weekend to rest before circuit superstars Ralphi Rosario and Abel, AKA Rosabel, take over Industry on April 24. And the very next day, on April 25, the Perry Twins will take over Fresh. But here in San Francisco we don’t even call that a circuit party, we just call it business as usual. As torn back as I feel after the excesses of the White Party, I still say, BRING IT!

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