Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bring It! April 28, 2010

When people ask me whether I’m gay or straight, the most honest answer I can come up with is that I’m San Fransexual.

I’m a girl who respects the Kinsey scale. I don’t see things as black or white, trying instead to appreciate every color of the rainbow in between.

Like when people ask whether I’m a top or a bottom. Of course I’m versatile, and I’m proud of it. Why choose one or the other, when you can have it all?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my gays, it’s that more is more and less is a bore. Sometimes there aren’t enough days in the week or nights in the weekend to squeeze it all in, but I do my best to be a versatile scene queen. In other words, I get around.

I wonder sometimes, how would I describe myself if I were putting together a personal ad for say, the back pages of this magazine? Circuit boy, for sure. Chaser of leather pigs, for sure. But I’m also a drag queen, a Goldilocks, a charity fag, and just a regular round-the-way Castro girl, among many other things.

This past weekend, for example, I performed with Trannyshack all-stars Raya Light, Precious Moments and Heklina at DNA Lounge. When I finally went to bed that night, I took one pair of false eyelashes off, only to replace them a few hours later with another pair (more butch and natural), for a photo shoot celebrating Nasty, my filthy fun-raiser at The Powerhouse on first Fridays, and the Castro County Fair on May 23, both of which benefit the AIDS Emergency Fund.

I didn’t even have time to change out of my cowboy boots and leathers before running off to the beer bust at Truck. Later that night, I took my problems to the dancefloor at Industry and unintentionally stayed until the sun came up. I slept in and (uncharacteristically) skipped my yoga church at Gold’s Gym, but still managed to spend a few hours sunning with the Speedo set on Boy Beach in Dolores Park, before rushing home for a conference call with my Real Bad brotherhood. And the weekend didn’t even end there, it ended at Fresh, where all of the gay glitterati gather under the discoball.

The beautiful thing is that this was a completely typical weekend in Oz, a slice of life and another chance to appreciate the versatility of my San Framily, which crosses over into every scene all the time.

Except for the straight scene, of course, but I guess everyone’s versatility has limits!

Here’s where I’ll be crossing over and bringing it next:

May 7 – Nasty at The Powerhouse, benefiting AEF (Country/Western night, celebrating the Castro County Fair)
May 8 – Action at Club Ei8ht with DJ Wayne G vs. James Torres, plus dabecy-emb upstairs
May 15 – Industry at Mighty with DJs Joe Gauthreaux and Luke Johnstone (Cherry night for The Disco)
May 16 – Palace with DJ Russ Rich at The Café

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